Nesian Tattoo has had the honor of sponsoring various clubs and teams in Auckland over the years even before Nesian Tattoo Studio came to be. Giving back to the community is very important to Joe and the crew at Nesian Tattoo Studio and it brings them joy to be able to help and support others in the community to achieve their goals and fulfill their dreams. To date these are some of the clubs and teams that we have had the privilege of sponsoring:

Mangere East Nesian Hawkes Rugby League Team in 2006 and 2007. We have also sponsored individual players from the Nesian Hawkes Rugby League Team in 2010 so that they could participate in their Rugby League tour in Australia.


We sponsored Tappys Boxing Gym in Mangere Bridge in 2010 & 2011.


We also sponsored the Auckland Nofoali’i Rugby Football Club in 2011 and our latest contribution is to the Team Samoa Outrigger Canoe Team for the Pacific Games 2011.


Traditional-wear-photo-1In July 2011 Nesian Tattoo was humbled to be asked to sponsor a young lady who lives locally in Mangere by helping her fulfill her dream of participating in a prestigious Pasifika event held in Auckland annually. This event is committed to preserving, recognizing, and endorsing the Samoan Culture and its fundamental values. It also inspires young Samoan/Pacific women to achieve their dreams and aspire to be a young Samoan woman with integrity, excellence and honor and who is passionate about promoting her Samoan Culture. The event we are referring to is the Miss Samoa NZ Pageant which celebrated 20years this year, a milestone that was celebrated on Saturday 20th July 2011 at the Telstra Clear Pacific Events Centre, Sir Woolf Fisher Arena in Manukau City- Auckaland. We would like to introduce to you contestant number four, Fuatino Mareko who was representing Nesian Tattoo at this years Miss Samoa NZ 2011-2012 Pageant.

Joe Brown was the designer for Fuatino’s traditional wear which was inspired by the Samoan Legend of the twin Traditional-wear-photo-2sisters Taema and Tilafaiga who observed the custom of tattooing in Fiji and decided to take this custom to Samoa. On the front of the white siapo dress are patterns taken from the woman’s tatau known as the Malu. On the back of the white siapo dress is a design using the patterns of the man’s tatau known as the Pe’a.

Joe and his crew were very humbled by this experience and were glad that they could help Fuatino fulfill her dream of competing in this event. She will always remembered be as being the first “Miss Nesian Tattoo” in 2011 and Joe and Nesian Tattoo Studio wish her all the best for her future endeavors. God bless you and your aiga Tino.


Miss Samoa NZ 2011 Contestant opening Siva and Introductions: