Joe Brown Tattoo

joeAbout Joe Brown

Joe descends from the beautiful island of Samoa, born and bred and where his fascination with the Samoan Pe'a began. He comes from the villages of Nofoali'i and Leulumoega where he was brought up by his paternal grandparents who he credits for instilling in him his faa samoa, his values, ethics and morals he has regarding life and people and his proud Samoan heritage and culture.

Joe’s father and grandfather have a Pe'a and it was his grandfather's Pe’a which initially ignited his interest in the patterns and designs of samoan tatau when he was a young boy.  While growing up he would extract parts of the Pe'a design to use in his drawings, which he developed into his own designs over the years.

Joe attended Wesley College in Samoa up until he made the permanent move from his native homeland to his adopted homeland of New Zealand.  Joe completed his senior school year at St Pauls College in Ponsonby.  After completing his schooling Joe began working at Auckland City Council

In the nineties Joe started tattooing while still working fulltime as a Community Support Worker with Intellectually Impaired people.  In 1999 he continued to be involved with tattooing at Universal Tattoo Studio in Onehunga and in 2007 he started tattooing on a fulltime basis at Universal Tattoo Studio.  Not long after Joe had reached his goal and fulfilled his dream of opening up his own tattoo studio in his local community Mangere, Auckland.  In May 2009 Nesian Tattoo was open for business.