It is important for me to acknowledge those who have helped me on my journey to get to where he I am at this stage of my life. Firstly I would like to give thanks and praise to our Lord up above for blessing me with the passion and gift to perform the art of tattoo. If it were not for him I would not have had the strength, commitment and determination to teach myself how to become a competent tattoo artist.

I would like to thank my aiga, whanau and friends who have supported me in my work not only in an emotional and spiritual sense but also in the physical sense. It was their willingness and trust in me that allowed me to use their skins as canvasses, which helped me to develop and improve my skills in tattooing over the years. You all know who you are, thank you for your love and support.

To my clients from the past, present and future clients to come, I would like to thank you all for showing your trust and loyalty in my ability to create permanent body art for you that will give you a sense of cultural belonging and pride. To give you a lasting memory of someone or something that is of great importance and significance to you. Or to fulfill your desire to have a part of your body inked.

To Mystic Tattoo Studio now known as Universal Tattoo Studio in Onehunga and the previous owner/operator John Whitehead and the current owner/operator Broughton Johnson aka Paratene, thank you both for the Tautoko and awhi you showed me when I was working there from 1999 to 2008. To you Paratene I give you special thanks for giving me the blessings and skills to be able to do Ta Moko and for teaching me Maori Tikanga. The skills and knowledge I have acquired from you and other Ta Moko artists that I have met and worked with through Universal Tattoo Studio have been added to my kete of knowledge and I will treasure it always. I especially want to thank you and the brothers for blessing my studio during those early dawn hours. This process humbled me and it was an awesome cultural experience and honor for me.  Mauri Ora.

I would like to acknowledge fellow Polynesian Tattoo Artists in Aotearoa and abroad. We are all blessed with this gift of tattoo artistry and with the honor of bringing our people and those who are interested in our culture closer to their Polynesian roots and origins by placing cultural marks on their bodies whether it be by traditional or non-traditional methods. It would be good if we could be supportive of each other while we continue to provide a great service to people in our local and wider communities as well as our adopted homeland and original homeland and worldwide.  We all have our own individual style and skills that make us each unique in our own right as Tattoo Artists.  Praise god for blessing all of us with the tools to be able to fulfill this role in a competent manner.